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Fall Asleep In Bed Fast With These 6 Easy Steps

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After a long stressful day at the office, your bed is most likely your favorite destination. From sleeping you can regain your strength and free yourself from stress, but what if you can't sleep after lying in your bed for hours? According to Stimulus Control Therapy, it takes practice to fall asleep in bed fast. With these 6 easy steps, you should improve your sleep.

Fall Asleep In Bed Fast With These 6 Easy Steps

1. Lie down to go to sleep only when you are sleepy.
2. Do not use your bed for anything except sleep; that is, do not read, watch television, eat, or worry in bed. Sexual activity is the only exception to this rule. On such occasions, the instructions are to be followed afterwards, when you intend to go to sleep.
3. If you find yourself unable to fall asleep, get up and go into another room. Stay up as long as you wish and then return to the bedroom to sleep. Although we do not want you to watch the clock, we want you to get out of bed if you do not fall asleep immediately. Remember the goal is to associate your bed with falling asleep quickly! 4. If you are in bed more than about 10 minutes without falling asleep and have not gotten up, you are not following this instruction.
If you still cannot fall asleep, repeat step 3. Do this as often as is necessary throughout the night.
5. Set your alarm and get up at the same time every morning irrespective of how much sleep you got during the night. This will help your body acquire a consistent sleep rhythm.
6. Do not nap during the day.

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