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Shrink the size of your MS Office and PDF files With PocoDoc

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Many times compression tools such Winzip and jZip fails to compress document files including MS Docs and PDF files. A specialized tool for such situation is needed and PocoDoc is one of them. PocoDoc is a free online tool that can compress document file size according to specified compression level. It supports 19 compression levels, 1 being the highest and 19 for the lowest. Take note that higher compression level may distort your document's content so choose the level wisely. Its usage is simple, enter your email address where the optimized file will be sent, choose the document to compress, select the optimization level and finally hit the Optimize button.

Shrink the size of your MS Office and PDF files With PocoDoc

PocoDoc can optimize the following MS Office and other file formats:
- PowerPoint: PPT and PPTx
- Word: DOC and DOCx
- Excel: XLS and XLSx
- PDF: Portable Document Format

You can also download the desktop version of it called PocoDoc Lite. PocoDoc Lite works in Windows and Mac. The download link is available at the right portion of main page.

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