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Find Dead Pixels On Your LCD With IsMyLcdOK

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Although LCD manufacturers have high standard policy in dead pixels, there are cases that you may find dead pixels even with brand new LCD. If you suspect that you have dead pixel on your LCD, you can test it with IsMyLcdOK. It is free software tool that perform various test to determine dead pixels. Just launch the application to run in full screen. On its main interface, you'll be asked for different test options. To perform any test, just hit the respective test number on your keyboard. For example, you can go for White Test to check for dead pixel. Press 1 to cover whole screen with bright white color to find a dark dead pixel. Similarly, you can check lit up pixel by performing the Black Test. You can do all the test by pressing F5 to perform the endurance test.

Check For Dead Pixels On Your LCD With IsMyLcdOK

IsMyLcdOK is a portable application so no need to install. It works on all versions of Windows. I tested it on Windows 7 x86 version.

Download IsMyLcdOK

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