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ExcellBook: Mask Facebook As Excel Sheet To Use Facebook Secretly

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Internet browsing is one of the most common source of security breaches so most of companies strictly implement secured web surfing at work. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are usually blocked from the company's firewall. Some do not block it in their firewall but the responsibility to control browsing is with the bosses of each department. If your lucky enough that your situation is the latter, then you may discretely use Facebook by disguising it as Excel sheet with the use of ExcelBook. You can login to your Facebook account and get all important updates, while appearing to work on a regular excel job. You can start by logging in to your Facebook account from the File menu and authorize access to Excelbook application from your Facebook account.

ExcellBook: Mask Facebook As Excel Sheet To Use Facebook Secretly

Once your login, you will be able to see your Wall, News Feed, and Chat with friends from the three available tab on the bottom of the interface. You can rename these tabs to more sheet friendly name which your colleague or boss wouldn't suspect. This is a Adobe Air app so it can run in Windows, Mac and Linux. I tested it on Windows 7 x86 version.

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