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Backup And Copy Windows User Profiles And Other Windows Settings To A New Computer With DataGrab

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Sooner or later you'll be upgrading your computer. New computer could means that you have to install everything from scratch, create new profiles and configure new settings. But this could be avoided by migrating existing user profiles, settings and documents from your old computer to your new one using tools like DataGrab. It is a utility that can backup important data in Windows user's profile such as documents, pictures, video, desktop, favorites, downloads, cookies, history, application data for Outlook, Firefox profiles, Microsoft Office documents and etc. Its usage is pretty simple, from the main interface, select the target drive, the user profiles you want to backup, and the foders to be backup on the said profiles. You can also set other options like Misc documents, configurations and additional folders to include. Once done, specify the target backup location and hit the Copy button to begin the backup process. Here is a showcase video of DataGrab.

To migrate the data to a new computer, just open user profile backed up folder and click the DataRestore executable file included on it. It works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. I tested it under Windows 7 x86 version.

Download DataGrab

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