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Activate Reinstalled Windows Offline With 7Token Manager

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Installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 requires online activation. Microsoft made use of online activation to prevent or minimize software piracy. They also imposes a certain number of limit in activating license. If you re-install OS often, there may be time that you would reach that limit. The only way to activate your windows by then is either by calling Microsoft support or purchase a new activation key. You can avoid such hassle by using 7Tokens Manager. It is a free tool that allows you to backup Windows key, certificates and tokens, and restore it later to activate Windows offline. It is very simple to use, just click the Backup button and all these activation info are copied to the backup directory residing in 7Token Manager.

Activate Reinstalled Windows Offline With 7Token Manager

Now to restore the file, just copy make sure that the backup directory is present on the Windows machine you want to activate. Here is the complete features of this app:

- Backup's Retail, MAK, OEM:SLP / NONSLP license channels
- Backup Certificate, Serial, Tokens
- Backup license files
- Dynamic interface
- Very lightweight and fast
- Programmed with security features
- >5min is estimated to restore your activation

Download 7Tokens Manager

7Tokens Manager works only with all versions of Windows 7.

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