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Use MoveOnBoot To Delete, Rename Or Move Locked Files By Windows Process

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File or folder used by Windows or other process is automatically locked from being renamed, moved or deleted. Windows doesn't provide details so you won't have an idea what application holds the lock and how you can proceed. MoveOnBoot is a free tool designed for such situation. You can get delete/rename/move of these annoying files/folders at the next system restart. Its usage is simple, just launch MoveOnBoot and the tool will display all the files/folders that are currently locked. To move or rename a file/folder, just click Move from the toolbar and choose the desired action the next system boot. For example if you wish to move file, click on Move then specify the source and destination folders.

Rename, or Move Locked Files And Foloders With MoveOnBoot

And if you wish to delete file/folder instead, click on Delete then specify the file path as shown below.

Delete Locked Files And Foloders With MoveOnBoot

The tool has a log history of all actions that it had taken while moving, renaming, or deleting the locked files / folders. MoveOnBoot works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I tested it on Windows 7 x86 version.

Download MoveOnBoot

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