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Refresh PC Windows To Original Or Factory State

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Unusual problems in Windows is not so unusual anymore. Problems may start from building when you start installing applications that alter Windows registry and services. Although Restore point can reverse back these changes in your machine, some users don't or forget to use it. The next best option are free tools that can restore your Windows to its original state and Refresh PC is one of them. RefreshPC is a free application that allows you to reset your PC to its original registry settings and set all Windows services to their default state. This can fix most of configuration errors caused by newly installed application and even malwares. All that is required is to launch the application and click "Refresh My Windows 7 Settings" button.

Refresh PC Windows To Original Or Factory State

RefreshPC will do the following:
- Reduce errors in the Event Viewer
- Fix service misconfigurations that may be causing problems including slow boots.
- Clean your temporary folders.
- Restore key registry entries back to their default values.

RefreshPC works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. 64bit and 32bit versions. I tested it on Windows 7 x86 platform.

Download RefreshPC

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