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Reformat Website Font To Make It Readable

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Web designers use different themes to make their websites unique from others. It is very seldom to see websites that have the same exact design. Correct Font is one aspect web designers always look into when building a website theme. Different themes may render differently from different browsers which sometimes affects the readability of the website. To solve such difficulty, some websites provide an option to convert web pages into printer friendly version where formatting styles are strip out from the website. But this printer version is primarily for printing ofcourse. If you want a more personalize readable format of the website then you can convert them using Readable Bookmarklet. This bookmarklet helps you reformat text any website according to your preference. Visit the readable's website and set the format you prefer. You can choose the font family, size, fonts of the headers, colors of the fonts, and the color themes.

Reformat  Website Font To Make It Readable

Once your done, simply drag the Readable bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. Now everytime your in website/article, just hit the bookmarklet and the article will be automatically converted.

Check out the Readable bookmarklet

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