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SMS Diversion Is A SMS Forwarding Tool For Android

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Most of people today are heavily dependent to their mobile phones as means of communication, web browsing, organizer and for other day-to-day tasks. Forgetting your phone would be like going to Mars where your family and friends can't reach you. We can't avoid to forget at all times but at least we can prepare our phone for such situation. SMS Diversion is a free android application that allows you to set your phone to forward all incoming messages to your Gmail account. Once installed, you will automatically be asked for your Gmail account info.
SMS Diversion Is A SMS Forwarding Tool For Android

You may switch to a different Gmail account later by going to the Menu button on the app's home screen and tapping SMS to Email. It also has a paid version which includes additional functionality such as alternate email, SMS forwarding to a predefined number, forward missed call so you can return call at them on a different phone and lastly remote activation which allows you to turn on forwarding on or off by sending a predefined text message to your phone.

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