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Protect Your Private Folders By Hiding It With HiddenDIR

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If your sharing computer with your family or co-workers, chances are, you can't store private files on this computer because it would be accessible to other users as well. If having your very own computer is not an option then you can alternatively use privacy protection tools such as HiddenDIR. It is free and lightweight tool that allows you to protect your privacy by hiding your private folders. Once folder is hidden, it will be invisible to anyone who has access to your PC. Hidden folders can be shown only if you have access to this program. To hide a folder, simply click the Hide button and select the folder to hide.

Protect Your Private Folders By Hiding It With HiddenDIR

To revert the hidden folder to visible. Just select the hidden folder from the list and click the Unhide button. HiddenDIR is portable so no need to install. You can bring it with your USB stick. It works on any Windows operating system as long as .NET Framework 2.0 or later is installed. I tested it under Windows 7 x86 version.

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