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WinVisible Can Hide Windows Applications Quickly With A Hot Key

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If you have read my Boss Key articles such as ClickyGone and Window Hider and your looking for more, then here is another one for you. Similar to the softwares I have mentioned WinVisible does the same thing, it quickly hides open windows upon pressing the hot key. This is useful if you want to hide an open window which you don't wanna see by your boss or a co-worker. The default hotkey to hide selected applications is Shift-Alt-H, the key to show them again is Shift-Alt-S. WinVisible hides the windows from being displayed in Windows taskbar and system tray. It is also hidden on the Applications tab of the Windows Task Manager. Upon running the program, it automatically list down all current running applications. Just tick the applications you want to hide and click "Hide Selected Window" button from the toolbar. Now each time you press the hotkey, these applications will be automatically hidden.

WinVisible Can Hide Windows Applications Quickly With A Hot Key

Aside from hiding applications, WinVisible can also kill the application instead of hiding it. This options can be activated from the program settings. Based on my testing, hiding and showing of applications is pretty fast. The hotkeys can be changed to another key combination. It works on Windows operating system. I tested it under Windows 7 x86 version.

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