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Make Windows Translucent While Dragging It With Liquid Drag

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When you drag windows in Windows 7, you'll see a rectangle outline that tells you that your dragging the window. This is not bad but if you have a way to make it more appealing, wouldn't you try it? With Liquid Drag, you can drag any window around and the background windows become transparent. This application sits on background and automatically get activated when you drag any windows. When the dragged window is translucent, it allows you to see what is underneath that window and exactly position it for ease of use.

Make Windows Translucent While Dragging It With Liquid Drag

To use it is simple. Just start moving your window normally by dragging using the left mouse button. While you are dragging, press the right mouse button at the same time so the window being dragged will become translucent. Releasing the right mouse button will restore the window opacity to normal. It works on Windows 2K, XP, Vista and Windows 7. I tested it on Windows 7.

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