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New To MS Office, Facebook, iTunes And Firefox? No Problem. Let Leo Help You

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Although applications such as MS Office, Firefox, Facebook and iTunes were made to be user friendly there are still a lot to learn. When your techie friend is not around and you need an immediate professional help, no worries, Leo is here. The Leo I'm referring to is not a person, it is a software. Leo is an interactive tool that runs in two modes, the Guide Me and Do it mode. Do It is like having a friend click for you, while you watch and learn. While Guide Me is like having a private tutor sit next to you, telling you where to click. Here is a sample video where Leo teach you about Microsoft Word.

You can watch other demo video here. You can search for specific topics about the supported applications by typing it on the question box and click search. For example, if you need to merge table cells in Word but don't know how, simply type "How to merge table cells in Word" and Leo will do it for you.

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