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Find And Analyze Duplicate Files With Dup Scout

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I bet you have two or more copy of your documents in your computer system. This is normal because most users prefers to keep duplicate copy of important files in case catastrophe happens but not on not so important files such as videos, images and temporary files. Having duplicate copies of such files can eat up your disk space and makes your disk unorganized. To help you eliminate such headache, you can install Dup Scout and let it do the cleaning for you. DupScout is a powerful duplicate files finder tool that allows you to detect and cleanup duplicate files on local disks, networked computers and NAS storage devices. Once installed, click Find Duplicate Files from the Command Menu, specify locations to be scanned and hit Start.

Find And Analyze Duplicate Files With Dup Scout

Now if duplicate files are found, you can delete them from Actions -> Delete All Duplicate Files. It also comes with a built-in analysis tool to display duplicates files against wasted space and per each extension. DupScout is free but also available in Enterprise version which has additional functions such as detecting and removing duplicates in an automatic and unattended mode.

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