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Post Sticky Notes On Any Website In Chrome

As I posted here, you can use Float Notes Add-On to post sticky notes on websites in Firefox. You can add the same functionality to Chrome browser with the extension called Note Anywhere. With this extension installed, you can post notes on any web page you visit. When you revisit the same page in the future, the notes get reloaded automatically. The extension adds a small sticky notes icon to the Chrome address bar and a clicking on it would add a new sticky note to the web page.

Post Sticky Notes On Any Website In Chrome

Here is the complete features of the current release of Note Anywhere:
1) on any page, you can make note on the web page, on any position
2) the notes get saved in real time.
3) all notes can be move by mouse.
4) when you visit the page again, the notes get loaded automatically.
5) and on the logo, it show a badge indicate the note counts of that page.

Download Note Anywhere


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