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Fully Customize Your Windows Desktop SE-DesktopConstructor

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Not satisfied with your desktop appearance? although Windows 7 has built-in customization options, it is not enough for some people like myself. If you need more control to change your desktop, you can install and try DesktopConstructor. It is a free software that is available in portable version that can do the following for you:

- Automatically change desktop background by specific interval.
- Change the background color or color gradient.
- Add a configurable clock to your desktop.
- Create your own calendar for your desktop.
- Create colored areas for the icons on the desktop

Once installed, run the app and select on the Configure option from the tray right-click menu. The main inteface is divided into 6 settings where you can customize the background, images, color fader, paint shapes, paint clock and paint calendar.

Overall, SE-DesktopConstructor is useful for users who feels limited from the default customization options of Windows. It can run on Windows OS, Testing was done in Windows 7 x86 version.

Download SE-DesktopConstructor

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