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Catch Someone Accessing Your Facebook Account

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While I was in Singapore, I noticed lot of people from there are hooked with Facebook more than in my country. Of-course this is not surprising considering their awareness level on technology. They can access social networks almost everywhere but come to think of it such convenience has its disadvantages. If your always online, you won't even notice if someone else is accessing your account. It also a venue for hackers to access your account just like that. To help you detect if any other person is secretly logging into your Facebook Account, use the built-in Account Security of Facebook. How? enable the alerts from Account -> Account Settings -> Account Security

Depending on your available contact info, Facebook can alert you via email or by SMS. Also from the same page, you will be able to see the most recent activity of your account. Info such as When it was accessed? device type? and location of the user are available.

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