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Password Protect Your PDF File Online With PDFProtect

Usually if you wanted to protect PDF document, you use Adobe Acrobat software but of course it comes with a price. Your next best option is to use free online service called PDFProtect that allows you to add password protection on any PDF file. Simply upload the PDF document and enter the password you want to use for the document. You can choose either Low or High encryption level and hit Protect! button to start the protection process.

Password Protect Your PDF File Online With PDFProtect

PDFProtect is a great alternative to protect PDF Documents. It is accessible online and free for all.

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    Password protection of your PDF file ensures that the PDF can only be opened by the intended recipient of the file. It can also be used to prevent users from printing or editing the document. These settings can be further tweaked to allow only low resolution printing and varying degrees of editing. Thanks a lot...

    Protect PDF File

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