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Manage Your Tasks The Easy Way With Wunderlist

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If your bored with your Outlook Task manager and want an easier one then you can try Wunderlist. It is a free task management tool that is far more beautiful and easier to use. Its main interface is divided into two, at right side are the categories of TO DO items while on the left side are the tasks for the selected category. You can add new task by typing it on the available textbox. Click the clock icon beside the textbox if you want to define the due date for the task.

Manage Your Tasks The Easy Way With Wunderlist

You can complete a task by checking the leftmost box of the task. You can also filter the listed task by date, just click either Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, Later and Without date from the status bar. If you feel bored with the current background, you may also change it by clicking any of the available backgrounds on the bottom bar.

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