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iQ-Notes Is A Powerful Sticky Notes For Windows

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If your not satisfied with the default sticky notes software of windows then I suggest keep on reading. I've been on search for an alternative sticky notes ever since I started using Windows 7. The default sticky notes feature of Windows is just not enough for me. Lucky me and probably luck you because I found a great alternative that is much more useful sticky notes application, the iQ-Notes. It is a feature-rich sticky note application for windows. One favorite feature of mine is the ability to set an alarm on the note so it pops up at a certain date and time.

iQ-Notes Is A Powerful Sticky Notes For Windows

You can change the color, subject, title, alarm settings, personal info and password protect it by going to Notes Properties. Just click the Note menu > Note Properties or just click the "A" icon from the Note's toolbar.

You can attach notes to webpages, spreadsheets, applications, anything and have them automatically open. iQ-Notes also can securely send notes to other iQ-Notes users. If your using multiple computers, it is capable of synchronization using a server. You can even password protect any note so no one can read it but you. It has lot of features that admittedly overkill for ordinary users who just want to take notes.

iQ-Notes works on any Windows based operating system. I tested it under Windows 7 32bit.

Download iQ-Notes

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