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Add Stunning Animated Charts To Your PowerPoint Presentations With Oomfo

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Having charts and graphs in PowerPoint presentation is helpful in explaining statistical facts and data. These charts are displayed as static images which you can put some animation using MS PowerPoint built-in animation tools. If the basic animations in PowerPoint does not meet your requirements, you can look into an alternate charting tool called Oomfo. It is a free plugin for MS PowerPoint that enables you to create Adobe Flash based animated charts. Here is a 3 minutes video to show you how Oomfo can create stunning animated charts.

It has a simple wizard that guides you through the chart creation process. First you choose the chart type, enter the data, and insert the chart into your current PowerPoint slide. You can move the chart anywhere on the slide or re-size it to you preferred size. Oomfo supports all the recent versions of Microsoft Office including Office 2010.

Download Oomfo

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