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Reduced Energy Consumption On Computers With SmartPower

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Saving Energy is everybody's business. Many company whether big or small promotes energy saving consumption in several ways. One drive we had is reducing electric consumption on desktop computers by means of auto hibernate. The idea was, if a computer goes idle for several minutes, it will auto hibernate itself which eventually save energy and money in the long run. We had deployed a simple script for this project. If you want to apply this project to your own company or even at your home, you can take a look at SmartPower software. It is Windows service that automates the hibernating and resuming of Windows PC that depends on configurable rules.

Reduced Energy Consumption On Computers With SmartPower

After installation, you can create the rules from SmartPower configuration utility. Take note that if there are no rules, it will initiate hibernate. You can set rules by Schedules, online Devices, Network throughput, CPU usage threshold, and processes. Here is an example usage:

- A single schedule that applies to every day of the week and runs from 10am to midnight.
- 3 other PCs on my network as devices. If all 3 PCs are offline, my computer will hibernate.
- network throughput monitoring enabled and the threshold set to 15KB/sec. If my computer is busy downloading something it won't turn off until the download has finished.

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