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How To Remove Face Imperfections With Photoshop

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I have been hooked to digital photography for some time now. Like other amateur or professional photographers, I also do some post processing on my photos but I admit not many because I prefer to retain the original composition. Most fixing or post processing I did were on portraits. I usually remove obvious blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and other imperfections. But if these photos are for a client or a friend, I always asked permission first before I do it. For my example, I will show how to remove a birth mark on a baby's forehead (the picture of the baby here is not mine and was grabbed from the internet).

1. Open your photo in Adobe Photoshop (I'm using version 5)
2. On the toolbar, choose the Healing Brush Tool (If its not the default brush, right click the icon to choose from the list of brushes available)

choose the Healing Brush Tool from Photoshop Toolbar

3. Change the brush size and hardness as shown below. The size depends on the imperfection's size. I usually use 10% hardness, making it too high will make the alteration appear obvious. Choose the best size and hardness to use.

4. Now press ALT and click over a suitable area in the face. This will be use as benchmark on healing the imperfect skin.

5. Click on the area to heal/fix as shown below.

Apply the healing brush to the area to fix

6. You final photo should now been healed like this.

How To Remove Face Imperfections With Photoshop

That's It! Try it for yourself.

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