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How To Add Rain Effect To Your Photo Using Photoshop

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One of the best subject to capture is rain drops. Like other moving water such as falls and rivers, you can capture different actions by using either fast or slow shutter settings. But if the weather is not cooperating and you badly needed a rain scene, then your next best option is to make your own rain by using Photoshop software. Today I will show you the step-by-step procedure to apply rain effect to your photos using Photoshop. Here is the original image that I'll be using for this tutorial.

Rain Effect Original Photo

1. Start by opening the photo you want to add the effect.
2. Add a new layer by clicking Layer > New > Layer. Named it as "Rain Effect".

3. Go to Edit > Fill, to change the fill settings. Use "50% Gray" and the rest are default.

Your photo should be filled with Gray color.

4. Next is to add some Noise. Click Filter > Noise > Add Noise..., From the pop-up enter 10-15% as amount, Choose Gaussian and check Monochromatic option.

5. Now click Filter > Blur > Motion Blur to change the shape of the noise. Set the Angle to -75 or any direction you want rain to come from. Set the distance to 51.

6. Adjust the Levels by going to Image > Adjustments > Levels or press CTRL+L. Set the values as shown below.

7. Lastly change the Fill to 50% from the Layers Panel.

Here is the finished Photo with Rain Effect. You have to maximize the image to clearly see the rain.

How To Add Rain Effect To Your Photo Using Photoshop

1 comment :

  1. Thank's for the detailed tutorial! I usually use editing soft on my mac. It is very easy to edit and add different effects with I like it for the great amount of photo filters.