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Turn Your Computer To Discrete Mode During System Idle

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When I leave my desk to attend a meeting or to have a break, I usually turn off several things on my computer such as speaker, monitor, messenger notification, selected programs and etc. Now I can do it automatically with the help of System Silencer program. It is a freeware that allows you to perform several actions when your computer goes idle. It automatically turn off your monitor, toggle mute, show your desktop, toggle taskbar icons, toggle desktop, lock workstation and even kill or run a process for you.

Turn Your Computer To Discrete Mode During System Idle

From the main interface, all you need to do is tick the actions you want the app to perform, select the idle time and click "Save and Apply" button to commit the changes. This application runs on any Windows version including Windows 7 which I used to test the program.

Download System Silencer

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