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Edit Hosts File Using HostsMan To Block Unwanted Websites

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Not to known to many ordinary users, you can block any unwanted websites through a Windows file called hosts file. Yes your correct, if you know how to edit then you don't need to shell out extra buck for a website blocker software. But unfortunately, editing it manually is quite complicated specially for ordinary windows user. To make it simpler, I will introduce you to a free software called HostsMan. Based on its name, HostsMan is a free application that enables you to manage your Hosts file with ease.

Edit Hosts File Using HostsMan To Block Unwanted Websites

The usage is simple, to add a website to block, from the main screen click Open Hosts icon. This will open the hosts editor, click Add to create new entry. From the host names field, enter the website address of the site you want to block. For example, you can put Click Add to save the new record. That's It! Block websites will be in effect on the next reboot

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