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Create Polaroid Like Photos With Poladriod

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Today we live in digital world that taking pictures as many times as we want won't waste any photo film. Before to achieve an instant developed photo one should use Polaroid camera. For curious people who want to have his/her digital photos to look like Polaroid images, then you may use Poladriod software. A free application that convert digital photos to polaroid like images instantly.

Create Polaroid Like Photos With Poladriod

Poladriod usage is very simple, just drag and drop any single photo in to the printer-like interface of Poladriod. After processing, the application will stick your polaroid converted image into your desktop. From here you can locate the source folder of the image by a right click. To change some application settings, just click the dot button beside the close button and a form shown below will appear.

It runs on any Windows OS. I tested it from Windows 7 Home Edition 32-bit.

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