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Upload Your Picasa Albums To Facebook

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I use Picasa web albums because I am a Google fan and it is so simple to use. With the help of Picasa 3 software, I can easily manage my albums and upload it to my picasa account for sharing in no sweat. Now with the addition of a plug-in, I can also directly upload my picasa photos to my Facebook account. To install the plugin, you must have at least Picasa 2.5 or higher version.

Upload Your Picasa Albums To Facebook

Once installed, just select the photos you want to upload, click the "Facebook" button, select an existing Facebook album or create a new one, hit the "Upload" button, and then approve all photos from Facebook. Thats It! now you have more flexibility. Manage your photos with Picasa software and upload it to either Picasa Web or Facebook.

Download Picasa Uploader via Facebook

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