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Bring Your Passwords Anywhere With SerCrypt

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Remembering all passwords you use for email, facebook, twitter, network and others is possible only if you have a sharp memory. This is worsen by the introduction of complex password combination on most online services. For example, you cannot just use the old school all letter password but now it must contain at least 2 numbers, 1 special characters and etc. Fortunately for Windows users, you can use SerCrypt to bring your password anywhere. SerCrypt is a free portable software that allows you to carry any sensitive data with you on a thumb drive.

Bring Your Passwords Anywhere With SerCrypt

To use it, just copy the executable on any removable media. Launch it and provide the password for the software on first run only. Remember this password well because once you forget it, there are no way you can retrieve your confidential data stored on SerCrypt.

SerCrypt works on Windows including Windows 7. The exe file is about 30KB only.

Download SerCrypt

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