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How To Write Your Name In Different Language

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If you like fantasy action movies such as Lord of the rings, Prince of Persia and The Mummy Returns, then you might already acquainted to Arabic, Hindu and Persian writings. If your curious how your own name will look like when transliterated in to these languages, then you can try it for yourself using a free online translation tool called Google Transliterate. All you need to do is choose the transliteration language and then type your name or any word on the editor. Pressing space will automatically convert the words you typed in.

How To Write Your Name In Different Language

There are 22 languages you can choose from. Its built-in online editor also allows you to perform some basic formatting like changing the font size, making it bold or italic, use numbering, add bullets and so on. Here is a sample persian translation of "Office Hackery"

وففیکه هکری

Visit Google Transliterate

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