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Edit Your Videos Online For Free With Video Toolbox

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There are many third-party video editing software in the market today but if you can't shred an extra buck for it then you might want to try a free one. Video Toolbox is not just free but it is also online, meaning no more installation required. This powerful video editor allows you to convert videos, add watermark text, cut videos, crop videos, merge several video files and much more. Video Toolbox lets you store at most 300MB of videos on the file manager and 700MB in the recent output files.

Edit Your Videos Online For Free With Video Toolbox

To edit a video, you need to upload it first to Video Toolbox or download it from supported video sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Videmo and others. Once uploaded, select the video from the file manager and do the editing. Video online editing tools such as Video Toolbox comes most handy when you need to edit your videos on the fly.

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