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Download All Your Photos From Flickr In Few Clicks

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Flickr is one of the most popular image and video hosting website today. I myself use it as backup location for my personal photos. There are times that you need to pull out multiple photos from Flickr and this can be done through a free app called Downloadr. It is a photo downloader for Microsoft Windows that provides a simple interface to download large sized images from Flickr to your computer. You don't even need a Flickr account to use Downloadr, though you do have even more functionality (like the ability to do a complete backup of all your photos) if you register at Flickr.
Download All Your Photos From Flickr In Few Clicks

Aside from photo search and download, you can also writes EXIF and IPTC data such as titles, tags and location.

Downloadr works on most Microsoft Windows operating systems including 64-bit editions. It requires the Microsoft .net Framework 3.5.

Download Downloadr via []

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