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Secret GodMode in Windows 7

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How to Enable Secrect GodMode In Windows 7Real Gamer don't use cheat... Yeah right. Once in a while, we all need secret cheats on games to make things easier or break problems on stages of the game that we cannot finish in normal mode. God Mode in Windows 7? Like those popular PC and video games, Windows 7 has its own godmode. This godmode provides windows users a shortcut to many Windows 7 functions via a GUI window. This article is going to be a brief tutorial that will allow you to enable the secret godmode in Windows 7.

1. Create a new folder (right-click and click "New Folder" on the context menu).
2. Right-click on the folder and click on rename then copy and paste this string:

Windows7 will automatically convert it to a shortcut to the Windows 7 godmode that allows you to quickly access many Windows 7 functions in one Window.

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