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How To Record Your Skype Call

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Long distance call using Landlines are almost the thing of the past. Voice calls over the Internet is now dominating the voice communication technology. Aside from being free (free-of-charge), it has additional features such as instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing. Leading the way are Skype and Yahoo Messenger. For Business environment, conversation recording is being practiced for customer support value. If you need a free recording software either for business or personal use then you can try Skype Recorder.

How To Record Your Skype Call

Skype Recorder is a free call recording app for Skype that can manually or automatically record Skype conversations. This app will search for Skype upon launch and if found display a notification to allow access to Skype so that calls can be recorded. Skype Recorder is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating system versions.

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