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Compare Document Revisions with CompareMyDocs

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MS Word has a built-in capability to compare versions which I already discussed on my past article: Compare Document Versions in MS Word. If you want to compare more than two documents then you may want to use a free web app called CompareMyDocs. It is a simple web service that compares up to seven revisions of a Word document or rich text file to help you put together a final draft based on revisions you choose.

Compare Document Revisions with CompareMyDocs

First, choose the documents you want to compare then click "Compare" button to start the comparison process. CompareMyDocs will automatically highlight areas that have been changed in other versions of the document. You can accept or reject those changes by hovering over and clicking one of the buttons that pops up. From the website, you can also add, delete or do some minor formatting within the document. If you are finish, you can save the final version as a MS Word document.

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