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Lock your private folder with My LockBox

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If not all then most of us have private photos, videos and documents on our office computer. These files could be vulnerable to jerk admins because they can steal your private files without you knowing. You can prevent them from doing so if you can use a folder protection program like My LockBox. It is a windows freeware that can protect a single folder on your computer with a password. The protected folder is hidden from anyone including your company's Administrator. It is impossible to access the locked folder from the local computer and over the network

Lock your private folder with My LockBox

My LockBox installer will ask for your password and folder location at the end of the installation. You should use an easy to remember password because once forgotten then you may say goodbye to your private folder.

- To lock a folder, open My LockBox from Start menu. Then on My LockBox, enter the folder location (if you haven't selected it during the installation) then click "Lock" button to start the protection.
- To unlock the locked folder, open the application and simply click the "Unlock" button.

Download My LockBox via [fryan0911].

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