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How to Change the Language of Comment Boxes in Word

If you set the language of a Word document it doesn't include the Track Changes comment boxes. To change it as well, follow these general steps.

1. Open the Styles and Formatting dialog box.
- For Windows 2003 and earlier, click Format > Style and Formatting.
- For Windows 2007, Go to Home tab.

2. From the Styles dialog box, right click the format then choose "Modify".

How to Change the Language of Comment Boxes in Word

3. Select "Comment Subject" or "Comment Text" on the "Style for following paragraph" dropdown list.

Comment Styles in Word

4. Click the Format Option button.

Format option on Styles dialog box in Word

5. Choose the language you want to apply to comments.

Comments language in Word

Make sure that you the same steps on both Comment Subject and Comment Text.


  1. How do I change the Comment Box language so that every box I create is in the language of my choice? I am editing someone else's very large document and each new Comment box reverts to Arabic. The above tips work, but only for one box at a time; it does not automatically work for all new boxes. After doing the above, the Comment Text and Subject shows that the language is English, but each new Comment box reverts to Arabic (left justified, writing English word from right to left--very frustrating). I am using Word 2010.

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