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Convert A PDF to Text Using PDF Text Extractor

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I was looking for a tutorial manual in MS Word format but unfortunately the only available copy on my drive is in PDF form. So instead of writing the whole document from scratch, I tried using a tool that can convert a pdf file to text. I tried using PDF Text Extractor, which can extract all the text from a pdf file.

PDF Text Extractor is a advanced application designed to process pdf to text conversion It is standalone software and does NOT need Adobe Acrobat. It process at very high speed and you can convert multiple pdf files to text files at one time. It only runs on Windows platform and current supports version Windows 7/ Vista/XP/2003/2000/98/ME/NT.

Download PDF Text Extrator.

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  1. You can download the trial version from our website for a pdf text extractor, Trial version will have certain limitations in terms of copy and paste pdf text.