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77 Windows 7 Tips

My 2nd favorite number is 7 but ofcourse that not what this blog entry all about. I wanna share to you an article that is related to 7 and that is "77 Windows 7 Tips" (posted at technet blog). Although Windows 7 will only be available at retails store on October 22, 2009, it is considered by many as the most anticipated Windows version ever. So it won't harm us if we can prepare ourselves from using it with the help of these 77 tips.

77 Windows 7 Tips

The article focus on the following topics.
- Make Windows 7 faster
- Get more done with Windows 7
- The best Windows 7 shortcuts
- Securing Windows 7

Here are some pointers from the article.
1. Pick Your Edition.
2. Upgrading? Go 64-bit.
3. Use Windows XP Mode.
4. Use Windows PowerShell v2.
5. Use AppLocker.
6. Shift to and from Explorer and CommandPrompt.
7. Record Problems.

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