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Recover Data from Corrupted Excel And Word Documents

You work your butt off last night just to finish a rush document. In the morning and hours before your deadline, there is nothing more frustrating than finding out that your finished document was corrupted due to unknown reason. And to add insult to injury, yes you forgot to backup. If you have no choice but to start all over again, then you might want to consider starting from the recovered data of your corrupted document.

You can try to recover data from corrupted document using these two freewares.
1. Damaged Docx2Txt - this is a GUI version of the docx2txt Perl script by Sandeep Kumar. It will extract text from corrupted Word 2007 files.
Recover Data from Corrupted Word Documents

2. Corrupt Xlsx2Csv - is a freeware GUI program for salvaging the data from corrupt Excel 2007 files
Recover Data from Corrupted Excel Documents

Both freewares are downloadable from the developer's website.