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How to Hide Worksheets Tabs in Excel

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On a Excel Workbook, you can have several worksheets to work on. But if you are sure that you'll be needing just one worksheet and you want the worksheets tabs to go way then you can try these easy steps to make it hide.

For Excel 2007.
1. Click the Office button and select Excel options from the menu.
2. On the Excel Options dialog box, click "Advanced" from the left nav menu.
3. Scroll down to group label "Display options for this workbook". (see screenshot below)

How to Hide Worksheets Tabs in Excel

4. Uncheck the "Show sheet tabs" then click OK to confirm changes.

For Older Excel versions.
1. Click Tools menu then select Options to displays the Options dialog box.
2. Select the View tab then uncheck the Sheet Tabs check box to turn off the worksheet tabs.
3. Click on OK to confirm changes.

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