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Close (hide or minimize) multiple programs with one click

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One of my favorite topic on this blog are softwares that helps hiding applications that you don't want your boss to see. Blog post like hide your browser title and hide windows programs were the few I have discussed. Another freeware that almost perform the same task is Don't Panic.

Close (hide or minimize) multiple programs with one click
(Block list - list of apps that will be automatically hidden upon activation of Don't Panic!)

Don't Panic can hide the windows of the applications you specified from your desktop and the Task Manager. It can also close the application either by terminating the process or closing it properly. This freeware has extra privacy feature like clearing some system folders (Recent Files, Internet Explorer History, Typed URLs & Cache, Recycle Bin), block access to Windows Task Manager and mute master volume.

Close (hide or minimize) applications from your boss with the click of a button

You can activate Don't Panic! in two ways: by keyboard shortcut or by hitting the Don't Panic! button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Download Don't Panic from sourceforge so you don't panic from lookers anymore :)

Don't Panic supports Windows Only.

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