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Privacy at workplace: Hide your browser title text

Most probably the reason your reading this article now is because many people are looking over on your screen while you surf your favorite websites and that includes your Boss. You can be discrete and prevent co-workers from guessing websites you are currently surfing by hiding the title bar text of websites you open. Unfortunately for IE users, you can only achieve this using a Firefox browsing with a Page Title Eraser plugin.

The Page Title Eraser (PTE) is a simple Mozilla Firefox extension which allows to hide title and icon (favicon.ico) of the selected tab. It provides more privacy at your workplace.

Privacy at workplace: Hide your browser title text

It adds menu item to the page context menu and "Tools" menu items. "Right-click" menu includes a "Hide title" menu item now. Using this item you can hide/show tab and window titles and tab icon. Each tab has its independent instance of this item. Another useful feature of this Add-on is you can replace the title text by any custom text. For example: even if your browsing mafia wars thru facebook you can replace it with "GMail: Inbox". Isn't that clever?

Page Title Eraser Config

Download Page Title Eraser now to try it.