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How to protect Worksheets in MS Excel

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Thursday afternoon. It was a long day at the office. I had so many rush tasks to finish and tomorrow (Friday) is holiday due to the celebration of Philippine Independence Day. I was about to leave the office when my local line rang. It was Ms. Preno on the calling.


Hello Good afternoon, How can I help you?

Ms. Preno

Fox, I forgot how to protect worksheet in excel. Can you refresh me thoughts? I also want the protection be applied on selected cells only

Excel makes it very easy to protect one or more worksheets in any of your workbooks. By default, when you protect a worksheet, all cells are protected unless specified.

To protect a worksheet, follow these steps:
1. Click Tools menu then select Protection > Protect Sheet
2. On the Protect Sheet dialog, enter a password you want to use.
3. Click OK to apply changes

How to protect Worksheets in MS Excel

As I said earlier, by default all cells are protected. To select cells that should not be protected, follow these steps:
1. Select the cell or cells you want to lock or unlock
2. Click Format menu then select Cells..
3. On the Format Cells dialog, click the protection tab
4. Now tick the Locked checkbox if you want it to be locked or unchecked it if you don't want it to be locked.
5. You can also hide the formula by ticking the hidden checkbox.
6. Click OK to apply changes.

unlock or lock selected cells in Excel

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