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How to Insert a Sound File in Your Worksheet

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8:43AM, Monday morning. My favorite day among weekdays. My local line rang, and the caller is an outside line.

Hello good morning. This this foxtrot, how may I help you?

Hello sir, This is Naomi from PASI Microsoft. I was sending an email regarding your request last week but my email is keep on bouncing back. It has excel file and a MP3 sound file.

Hi naomi, our email is blocking attached MP3 files. I suggest that you insert the sound file in you worksheet then resend your email with only the worksheet attached.

MS Excel allows you to attach sound file in your worksheet. To attached one on your worksheet, follow the instructions below:

1. Select the cell which you want the sound to be inserted.
2. From the menu, click Insert > Object... then Object dialog box will appear
3. Click on the Create from File tab then click browse to locate for the sound file

How to Insert a Sound File in Your Worksheet

4. Click on OK. The sound file is inserted in your document.

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