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How to change the starting page number in MS Word

It was rainy Thursday, classes are suspended all over the metro. I was enjoying my coffee when a user called.

Hi. Good Morning! How may I help you?

Hi. Can you guide me here. I'm finalizing the table of content of my document and I want to restart the page number of a certain page. How can I do that?

To change the starting page of a particular part of your document, follow these steps:
1. Go to the page where you want to reset the page number.
2. From the Insert Menu, choose Break to display the Break Dialog box.
3. On the Break dialog, click the Next Page radio button then click on OK.

How to change the starting page number in MS Word

4. Right after the section break you added, click on the Insert menu then choose Page Numbers.
6. On the Page Numbers dialog box, click the Format button.
7. Then click on the Start At radio button and indicate the starting page number for the section

restart page number in ms word

8. Click OK to apply changes.