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Hide windows programs from your boss

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Your currently busy checking and updating your facebook at the office, then suddenly you saw your boss walking towards you? What will you do? close the browser? what if you are playing biotronic and you are in the middle of breaking to the ranks? Don't let your boss ruin the game or any task personally important. Just hide the window.

Yes you can quickly hide a window or group of windows in just a click or keyboard shorcut using a freeware program called Window Hider.

Quickly hide windows programs from your boss

User can give Window Hider a list of programs and its corresponding shortcut keys. When you press the defined shortcut key it automatically hides those windows in your list. Window Hider also, as a recent addition, will hide all the programs in your list if you put your mouse in the upper left hand corner of your window. You can filter the windows by title text as well.

Now don't let your boss ruin your day, download window hider now :)

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