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Feeling Unlucky Today? Your not alone On BadHap

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This morning I found a site where your bad experiences matters. is a online database of bad days that aims to help people feel better about their bad happenings. Through BadHap losers can share their unlucky stories to people with the same experience. To post you stories you must have an account but you can remain anonymous if you want to.

Heres what all about? (Grabbed from the site)

Have you ever had a bad day? Ever made a stupid mistake? Ever felt like you must be the unluckiest person around? And have you ever noticed the only thing that eases the pain is hearing someone else has been there too? Or better yet, has ended up worse?

Well this is where you can read the stories from people who have been there, or far worse. This is where you can share your bad experiences and know somehow, somewhere, you’re making someone feel better about their life.

Stories are group into categories: work, marriage, personal, men, girls and almost anything.

Here are sample entries related to work:

Feeling Unlucky Today? Your not alone On BadHap

Don't let bad day ruin you. Vent it out now ---

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