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Create software demo using Free Webinaria

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2PM Wednesday afternoon. I was instructed to prepare as short demo to our CRM users but unfortunately I have to attend a more important meeting. So to continue the CRM demo without me, I created a demo video using an opensource software called Webinaria.

Webinaria is a free screen capturing software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It can record video and audio of the entire screen, a selection or the active window which can be initiated by hotkey or from the program's interface. To start recording, it only takes a click to start screen capturing process. You can make record audio narration (with a connected microphone) or webcam video (with a connected webcam) together in the process.

Screen capture using Free Webinaria

Webinaria also comes with a video editor, where you can edit the recorded video up to the frame level. Now I just have to instruct one of our guy to play the recorded demo at the CRM meeting. Cool ha? who said that you cannot be in two places at the same time? ~ Download the Webinaria

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